Flow Restrictors

Flow RestrictorFlow restrictors are an easy way to save water, there are several different types available depending on the equipment they are to be used with Tapstore.com have launched some new very well priced products on ther website that are designed to fit all types of bathroom taps, showers and kitchen taps.

Some flow restrictors (see left) aerate water flow giving a light fluffy flow whilst also slowing down the volume of consumed water, these types of flow limiters are to replace the flow straightener that is in the end of the mixer tap spout. Other flow restrictors are fitted prior to the device on the pipe work or in the baseFlow restrictors inline or tail of the tap itself (see right), with these flow restrictors they are designed to slip inside any plumbing fitting as they are the same diameter as 15mm copper tubing.

The flow limiters that Tapstore use for showers are designed to fit between the shower hose and the valve or wall outlet elbow (see left) they can also be fitted between the shower head and shower arm, with all the flow restrictors you get choices of what flow of water you want with the monobloc tap

shower_flow restrictor

you have a standard 6 liter per minute flow rate which is considered acceptable for basins

 and  kitchen mixers, for the shower flow restrictors the choices are either 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 14 liters per minute and with the inline limiters you can choose between 1 – 6 liters per minute.

These devices start from £2.00 a pair for the pillar tap flow restrictors, £3.00 for the 6 liter monobloc basin and sink mixers, and £4.49 for the shower flow restrictors.