Time to change Eco Home Laws

Eco Home BuilderI can’t help but think that is time to change the planning laws for Eco Homes.

Now this does not mean that anyone should be able to build anything anywhere, but surely if a home is recyclable so most if not all of the materials  are biodegradable and sourced locally then then should be an exception in case?

An example of this would be the home built in Pembrokeshire Wales by Sculptor Charlie Hague and his wife Megan Williams, Made from straw bales rendered in lime with a turfed roof, situated on land owned by Mr Hague’s parents, it took less than 12 months to build and cost around £15,000.

Planning permission was not initially sought although retrospective permission was applied for and turned down. Mum of one, Megan 26, acknowledged their property was built without prior consent and that ‘wasn’t the best start’.

There is even a petition with 2,661 supporters signed up to date here, I would encourage you to sign up for and support them in their quest to keep their eco home.

eco home in winterNo one can deny this eco home sits blending into it’s environment as you can see in both in winter and summer alike, Whilst I agree from the perspective that planning should be applied for in all cases our laws defiantly should be looked at to make the process easier for those who do want to make the correct environmental choice.

I do hope that they eventually get permission granted for this beautiful little hobbit of an eco home.


Battery Powered LED Bathroom Mirrors

Led Lights on a bathroom mirror are much more environmentally friendly than halogen lights but this one also has rechargeable batteries which I have never seen before.

The mirror has very low energy but high intensity LED lights which use less power than usual bathroom mirror lighting, the batteries will last 30 – 35 hours on one charge and the batteries are the advanced Ni-Mh type so they should last 1000 charges so no throw away batteries there.

It is nice to see practical ideas that are also eco friendly.

There are 3 different LED Bathroom mirrors to choose from the HIB Vinni, HIB Henry and The HIB Oliver and you can view them here on Tapstore.com


Eco Handsets

Eco Tech 3 Function water saving shower handsetTapstore.com have launched nine new water saving showers handsets as part of their Eco products ranges, They range from a simple single function handset to a four function shower handset. “The idea behind these ecologically friendly products is to save water with style”Say’s Paul Smart director of  Tapstore, “We have looked at the current products on the market and there is very little choice and what choice there is out there looks awful”. So here we have a modern stylish range and I must agree that it is certainly not what we are used to from the water saving ranges that we are used too, these would look very good in any modern bathroom.

PROFILE_MAXI_MODE_SHOWER_HANDSETThe Tec water saving shower handset (left) is a three function shower handset giving  saturating, massage and saturating & massage settings all this for just £16.00, The Contour maxi water saving shower handset (right) is another handset from the range that is a four function shower handset giving saturating, massage, saturating & massage and bubbling for £25.00, all of the shower handset come with rub clean jets and are made from high quality materials.

Too see the other Eco friendly water saving shower handsets starting at £8.00 from Tapstore.com click here

Bristan Artisan

ECO_AR_SHCMT_C_MAINTapstore.com have teamed up with Bristan to create the Artisan Eco shower range it comprises of four choices, there is a recessed version (Left picture) with multifunction rub clean shower handset, adjustable riser rail and wall outlet elbow. the valve itself has a 38 degree temperature safety stop and the shower valve is fitted with an eco click cartridge saving 72% water usage which can be over ridden. the shower valve is preset not to use more than 10 liters per minute.

The other choices are having the same shower valve with a single function shower handset or a surface mounted thermostatic bar shower valve with the same single or multifunctional choices, all the showers will work from as little as 0.1 bar pressure but the reccommended pressure for best function is 0.3 bar.

Guaranteed for 5 years.

You can now buy these products from Tapstore.com under their Eco incentive price shceme where certain water saving products are available at extra discount prices.

Artisan Eco recessed multifunction shower handset RRP £239.00 now £143.00 inc VAT.
Artisan Eco bar Shower with multi function handset RRP £215.00 now £129.00 inc VAT.
Artisan Eco bar shower with single function handset RRP £193.00 now £116.00 inc VAT.

Eco Quadrato – From Tapstore

ECO_QD_BAS_CFive new ranges of water saving taps have been launched by Tapstore.com, these ranges have been picked to help the consumer and developer meet water saving guidelines and new part G building regulations coming out on the 1st October 2009 where the government is asking for 125 liters per day per person for all new homes.

The first of these designs is the Quadrato bathroom taps manufactured for Tapstore by Bristan with the Quadrato Eco-Click Basin Mixer with a flow restriction of 6 liters per minute giving Eco credentials with designer looks, within the range there is a choice of monobloc basin mixer with or without a pop up waste, a pair of Eco basin taps, a monobloc bidet mixer, a bath filler and a bath shower mixer, and to follow shortly there will be a thermostatic shower valve.

All the products come with a five year guarantee.

Bristan Quadrato Eco Basin Mixer RRP £129.00 Tapstore’s Eco incentive price £77.00