Time to change Eco Home Laws

Eco Home BuilderI can’t help but think that is time to change the planning laws for Eco Homes.

Now this does not mean that anyone should be able to build anything anywhere, but surely if a home is recyclable so most if not all of the materials  are biodegradable and sourced locally then then should be an exception in case?

An example of this would be the home built in Pembrokeshire Wales by Sculptor Charlie Hague and his wife Megan Williams, Made from straw bales rendered in lime with a turfed roof, situated on land owned by Mr Hague’s parents, it took less than 12 months to build and cost around £15,000.

Planning permission was not initially sought although retrospective permission was applied for and turned down. Mum of one, Megan 26, acknowledged their property was built without prior consent and that ‘wasn’t the best start’.

There is even a petition with 2,661 supporters signed up to date here, I would encourage you to sign up for and support them in their quest to keep their eco home.

eco home in winterNo one can deny this eco home sits blending into it’s environment as you can see in both in winter and summer alike, Whilst I agree from the perspective that planning should be applied for in all cases our laws defiantly should be looked at to make the process easier for those who do want to make the correct environmental choice.

I do hope that they eventually get permission granted for this beautiful little hobbit of an eco home.


Part G Regulations delayed.

What a waste of energy

The government yet again wastes time money and energy in a disorganised fashion, the amendment to the 2000 building regulations that were due to be in force on the 1st October 2009 have now been delayed. Apparently an EU member is kicking up a fuss with the new regulations being a barrier to trade, whilst we all sit and wait for the red tape to be cleared the planet suffers, we spend our valuable human resources working on this as a new development, companies in the UK invest in getting ready for the October 1st deadline training staff, printing information, testing products we can go on and on about wasted resources.

Who is responsible well I am not going to waste any more energy finding out :)

Part G – Water Safety

Be Safe!

Part G regulations that come out on the first of october 2009 state that baths in all new homes must be fitted with a protective device to ensure that the temperature from the outlet does not exceed 48 degrees. This has been bought into effect because every year aroung 20 people die and nearly 600 are injured from the excessively hot water temperatures with children and the elderly being more at risk.

Part G Regulations

In the new building regulation there is within part G  a section (G2) which covers water efficiency it states that water “The potential consumption of wholesome water by persons occupying a dwelling to which this regulation applies must not exceed 125 liters per person per day, calculated in accordance with the methodolgy set out in this document” “the water efficiency calculator for new dwellings“.

To see the full copy visit the Planning Portal or get hold of a free downloadable copy here.